Privacy Policy

Last updated: 26/02/2023


PivotPoint BMS respects the privacy of all users and is dedicated to protecting your privacy. In an effort to create a better service for our users, we collect information on our website ( that may be deemed private. This privacy policy outlines the type of information we collect, the methods used to collect it, how it is used, and how it is protected. Please read our privacy policy carefully and let us know if you have any questions.


PivotPoint BMS collects only the data required for the proper functioning of the Software and the usage data of our website. PivotPoint BMS does not collect any extra data beyond this. The collected data will be used for the improvement of user experience, performance, and features of the Software.

You understand and agree that it is your responsibility to limit access to your user name and password and keep it confidential. We encourage you to change your password regularly, as you may be held responsible for all activity including purchases and distribution of funds due to unauthorized access.


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